• Study Options

We believe learning is a journey, not a race - which is why we offer flexible training options to fit your learning around your everyday commitments.

Workshop Training

Our professional and dedicated trainers deliver quality workshops, generating a productive learning environment for every learner. Our workshops provide a safe and trusting environment where participants can receive training and support. The workshops are interactive and involve participants in active discussion, case study analysis, creative exercises and networking opportunities that enhance learning while catering to different learning styles. Our workshops provide flexible options for students to manage their training, work and personal commitments, and are usually held fortnightly or monthly depending on the course requirements.

Self-Paced (Distance and Online)

We understand that you may have other important commitments including employment, life and family. National Training Solutions makes it easy to fit learning around your everyday commitments. You can choose to complete your course to a schedule or study at your own pace with no deadlines or due dates to stick to. You can start anytime, study whenever and wherever you like, and finish when you’re ready, but this doesn’t mean you’re on your own. With support from your trainer, we’ll help you achieve your learning goals. Our self-paced training options include Distance (receive course material & return assessments through the mail) or Online (receive course material & return assessment through our online learning platform). Depending on the course and location, you may be invited to attend workshop training in your area. These workshops aren’t compulsory but give you the opportunity to meet other students and gain some worthwhile practical experience.

Workplace Training

National Training Solutions can provide flexible training and assessment in your workplace. Each workplace training proposal will be considered and will also consider student numbers and appropriateness of the workplace facilities to ensure quality training and assessment is viable.

Mixed Delivery

To ensure that our training is flexible, each enrolled learner can choose a delivery mode that suits their needs and commitments. National Training Solutions offer three ways they can study. This is known as mixed delivery. The choices we offer are: (1) Face to face training in a training room or in the workplace; (2) External self-paced study where the learner sets their own pace and completes the study and assessment externally; (3) Blended approach where the learner can attend face to face training but also have the flexibility of completing the assessments in their own environment and timeframe.