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Certificate IV in Christian Ministry & Theology


10433NAT  Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology is a nationally recognised course and equips men and women for effective ministry and service in their local church and outreach to the local community.   Christian Ministry and Theology builds a foundation of Biblical teachings and principles for ministry coupled with practical application in the church and community.

There are nine units of competency in this course and you will develop the following skills and knowledge:

  • You will develop research skills and learn Biblical principles through researching Scripture and theology.
  • You will learn how to analyse and interpret Biblical principles within culture and contemporary environments.
  • You will gain an understanding of doctrine and traditions through researching your own denomination’s context.
  • You will develop your communication skills to communicate appropriately to those who you are in your care.
  • You will develop your knowledge and skills to be equipped to minister to others in a spiritual context.
  • You will develop your pastoral care/chaplaincy skills to support individuals and groups in the local community.


You are required to research a Christian tradition or practice. You may select one of the following traditions or practices:

                   Christmas           Easter           Water Baptism           Communion

Refer to the Old and New Testament surveys and any further research you might require to respond to the following criteria:

  • An overview of the Christian event or tradition
  • A time frame and context of which the tradition or practice was established
  • Research the ways this tradition is celebrated or practiced in  different denominations and religions
  • Outline your point of view and opinion of this tradition or practice.


CMTTHE401A  Discuss the nature of the Bible and present day Christian life and practice

CMTTHE402A  Interpret Theological data

CMTTHE403A  Investigate information within a theological theme or issue

CMTTHE404A  Gain new personal revelation

CMTMIN401A  Explore ideas about God in relation to the way we live as Christians

CMTMIN402A  Communicates theological information

Suggested Electives

CHCGRP002  Plan and conduct group activities

CHCPAS002  Provide pastoral and spiritual care

CHCPRT001  Identify and respond to children and young people at risk


Career Opportunities

Occupational names may include:

  • Pastors/Ministers
  • Small group Leadership
  • Church-Planters
  • Parish Workers
  • Religious Education Instructors

Study Options

Flexible commencement dates when enrolment process is completed.

Expected time frame for completion is 12 months and is also dependent on level of existing skills and experience.

Albury Evening College

Learner Support

National Training Solutions have an understanding of the different learning styles and learning needs of our enrolled learners. We offer individual and group learner support classes to ensure that each learner gains the required knowledge and develops the essential skills to be assessed as competent in each unit of competency the learner is enrolled in.

The trainer assigned to the individual or group is accessible in person, phone, email, and via our online discussion blog. In addition each learner has the opportunity to discuss any learning barriers or challenges that may hinder the successful completion of the course and receive quality support to meet these barriers and challenges.

Payment Plan

National Training Solutions offer a payment plan program to assist you to commence your training journey.

Payment Plan options include: Payment by cluster or payment can be individually negotiated on a fortnightly or monthly basis that suit your payment needs.


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