• NTS Evening College

Evening College in 2019, hosted at Generation Life Church in North Albury!

Whether you feel God is calling you into ministry in your local church or community, or you’re wanting to gain a qualification to return to the workforce and study in a Christian environment, then Evening College is for you.

This can be used as a gap year between high school and university, however is suitable for anyone seeking personal growth or a deeper understanding of the bible. 



All subjects will have assessment tasks for you to complete. You will have opportunity to complete some of the written assessment tasks when you attend class and some written tasks will also be completed in your own time. You will also receive a volunteer journal which will list the practical tasks that you will complete as part of your volunteer work as an intern. You will receive support from your trainer throughout your training and study workshops can be scheduled if you require further assistance in completing your assessments.

Students in the Chaplaincy stream are required to complete 100 hours of workplace learning. These hours can be completed in your local church or in a suitable workplace learning situation.